Lash Extensions:

Lash extensions are created using products from My Brand Lashes. A commonly asked question is "How often will I need to come in for a fill?" Every client is different, and how you care for your lashes will determine the longevity of the lash, however, on average you should expect a fill approximately every 2-3 weeks. At your first appointment, I will discuss after care protocol and answer any questions you have.


Full Set: $125 (2hrs)
Fills: $45 (1hr) 

Hybrid: (A beautiful mix of the classic and volume sets)
Full Set: $150 (2hr)
Fills: $55 (1hr)

Full Set: $200 (2.5hrs)
Fills: $65 (1hr)

**If more time is needed for any service, there will be an additional charge per hour**