Facial Services:

60 minute: During the 60 minute facial your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with two deep nourishing cleansers, reawakened with an invigorating scrub, soothed with a masque, refreshed with a toner, and stimulated with a moisturizing facial massage. To encourage complete relaxation, while your masque processes, you will have the option of a neck and shoulder massage. ($70)

30 minute: Do you struggle to find the time to pamper yourself? Or are you thinking of getting your first facial and feeling a little apprehensive? If so then the 30 minute facial would be perfect for you. This treatment includes all the products and services of the 60 minute facial but with less time and commitment. ($45)

Microdermabrasion: Using a professional grade diamond tip microdermabrasion machine, you will receive a deep exfoliation, resulting in removing the top layers of unwanted skin from your face. The result is fresh, supple, smooth skin. You also receive the full 60 minute facial along with this treatment. ($85)

Chemical Peel: Using 65% glycolic acid, your skin will feel tingly and refreshed. Please be aware this is not the same level of chemical peel that dermatologist use. This will not leave you red and excessively peely, it will however leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. ($85)